Ayleth was Deligheted to read these reviews of her adventures.

As a long time reader of fantasy and medieval fiction, I was excited to read the beginning of the Ayleth series. Often with a beginning of a story the book attempts to overwhelm you with setting up a world. This doesn’t happen with Ayleth, instead you are immediately engaged in the thought process of the main character, with a realism that drags you into the world and events. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story and see where this goes!
— Kevin Johnson, Internet Security Expert
Despite the fact that there are no dragons, wizards or magical beasts lurking within its pages, “Ayleth of Ravenswood and the King’s Engineer” is great fantasy. At its heart, it is a story about people trying to do the right thing in a complex world, where motives and alliances are rarely clear. The characters are richly drawn, unique and very realistic. If you are looking for a story where everyone lives happily ever after, look somewhere else. Highly recommended.
— Micheal O'Rourke
Ayleth of Ravenswood had me spellbound from the first page onward. Armed with stealth, the drive to prove herself a master thief and a raunchy sense of humor, mixed with ample interspection, this criminal will steal your heart just as quickly as she’ll steal your valuables. Scale the walls into the medieval fantasy world Ravenswood (although it’s filled with crows, not ravens, goddammit) with this silver-haired beauty for an adventure you’ll never forget.
— Rebecca Holmes Peterson, German to English translator
Darkly humorous, filled with action, suspense, and adventure, “Ayleth of Ravenswood and the King’s Engineer” is a compelling read. She’s no heroine and rarely saves the day. Her obsessive compulsive nature gets her into all kinds of trouble, and I sincerely hope she never learns her lesson.
— Walter Johnson

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