• A short story is available on Amazon, and here for free.
  • T-Shirts and other merchandise are now available in the shop.
  • I am working through final edits now.
  • I anticipate the release date to be Summer 2017
  • The book will be approximately 380 pages in length, and contain perhaps twenty maps and illustrations.
  • It will be published in eBook, PDF and paperback formats through Amazon's print on demand service.
  • I have planned three books. Book two is well under way, but I have created no maps or illustrations for it yet.

Ayleth was bored...

So she headed south, seeking adventure and the occasional, well, frequent man to warm her bed at night. Out of money, she began to steal in order to pay for food and lodging. Eventually, she found her way to Ravenswood, the capital of Sylvandia, where she promptly began robbing its wealthy citizens. But fat, slow moving merchants, fops, and overdressed ladies presented her with little challenge. Again bored, she lurked on the rooftops of Ravenswood by night, searching for a grand challenge—the ultimate proof of her skill as a thief. And there it was, seated high atop the cliff, glowing in the moonlight: Ravenswood Castle. Stealing from King Rolant Bardolf would make her the greatest thief who had ever lived. Or so she hoped.



As a long time reader of fantasy and medieval fiction, I was excited to read the beginning of the Ayleth series. Often with a beginning of a story the book attempts to overwhelm you with setting up a world. This doesn’t happen with Ayleth, instead you are immediately engaged in the thought process of the main character, with a realism that drags you into the world and events. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story and see where this goes!
— Kevin Johnson, Internet Security Sepcialist

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