Burden, an oil Painting by Liz Steinworth

As an artist, I’ve always wanted to express more than what a series of brush strokes could offer. One can view a piece of art and arrive at their own conclusions about what the mood and meaning of it is, but they can’t ever truly know. This feeling gripped me hard ever since I began my painting ‘Burden’ in 2014. As I painted, I was compelled tell the story hiding behind the character’s hood. And so, I wrote.

The cobbled stone under his boots shone wetly with the misting rain as he traversed the streets of the Imperial City. With his hood up against the damp chill, none here in this district could see the features marking him as elfkind. The long white blonde hair and pointed ears were hidden within its depths.

Welcome to the Queen's Arms Inn, the lowest place on earth, as far as Beth Wymond is concerned. All she wants is to have her father back. Trouble is, she never knew what he was like before the war. Before he became the most volatile, hard drinking, hard fighting man she'd ever met.

All Lambert Wymond wants is to forget the dark work he did for King Rolant, and to have a drink with his daughter. But a monster lives within him—maybe it was always there, maybe not. Either way, once it’s loose, not even Beth can lock it away again. 

This is an excerpt from the new short story. Urna etiam eget diam id aliquet. Orci enim vestibulum maecenas per ante. Dis et in. Ante odio id est interdum eget. Et lectus integer commodo convallis ut justo eleifend et.